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International Antifascist meeting in Athens, October 12th , 2014 - For an international day against racism and and fascism on 21st of March 2015 Featured

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The rise in votes of fascist, neo-Nazi and racist parties in the elections for the European Parliament of May 2014 in countries such as Greece, France, the UK underlines the urgent need to escalate the struggle to stop the fascist threat and put an end to the racist policies of Fortress Europe, the concentration camps, the closure of the borders that spawned the horror of hundreds drowned refugees from Lampedusa to  Pharmakonisi in thw Aegean sea.

The political crisis, with governments imposing austerity measures spreading poverty, unemployment and despair, opens the door to neo-Nazis. Governments with  racist campaigns against migrants, refugees and Roma, islamophobia, anti-Semitism and homophobia are trying to convert them into scapegoats for their failures, fueling the rise of fascist xenophobic and racist parties.
Continuing the successful international days of action against racism and fascism on January 19th, 2013 and March 22nd , 2014, we call for a new international mobilization on March 21st, 2015. The movement that took to the streets in France after the rise of Marie Le Pen, the movement in Britain is resisting the rise of xenophobic UKIP with antifascist movements in Greece, the Spanish state and the rest of Europe have the power to send a strong message that 70 years after the end of World War II the cry NEVER AGAIN is more timely than ever.

In Greece, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn found under the overwhelming pressure of the anti-fascist movement immediately after the murder of Paul Fyssas. So we arrived in smashing the squadism of Golden Dawn and the government and justice was forced to open the prosecution of this criminal organization that enjoyed immunity for attacks and cooperation with the state apparatus, coverage of the government, funding and equipment from shipowners and other entrepreneurs. We will not let them to impose it again because as a supposedly "serious legitimate party!"

A mass antifascist movement begets hope that we can stop them! This is the movement that imposed the punishment of  neonazi  murderers of Shehzad  Louqman and now requests the trial of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn will start soon. This is the movement stood in solidarity with immigrants, the strikes and protests in the strawberry fields of N.Manolada and Skala  Lakoniaw on mass events of wrath against imprisonment is the hell of concentration camps.


Join us on 18th of September on the anniversary of murder of musician Pavlos Fyssas with mobilizations outside Greek embassies!
We call for an international anti-fascist and anti-racist meeting in Athens on October 12th , 2014 to take a new step in coordinating the activities of the movement against racism and the fascist threat.





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