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May 1, Demonstration, Museum, 10am

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Open the borders for REFUGEES, NO TO FRONTEX
The trial of the Nazi Golden Dawn (CHRYSSI AVGI) began on Monday, April 20, with the Korydallos prison besieged by thousands of workers, immigrants, anti-fascists, residents of Korydallos who responded massively to the call of ADEDY (confederation of public employees) for work stoppage and anti-fascist rally, along with KEERFA, demanding the conviction of the Golden Dawn murderers.
The massive presence imposed the beginning of the trial and opened up the issue of transferring it to the Court of Appeals (Efeteio) in Athens to ensure full publicity and prevent plans for downgrading the trial and soft landing for the Nazi killers. The trial will resume on May 7 and will find us again in front of them!
The unions, the KEERFA, the Municipality of Korydallos, immigrant communities, the movement of people with disabilities, friends and family of Paul Fyssas, Egyptian fishermen, the PAME and its trade unionists, all sent the message that this trial will be the tribune so that the murderers of the stormtroopers be accountable and to stop the immunity and the cover-up of their actions by government authorities, the judiciary, the police and shipowner offices who were backing them up.
May Day is the opportunity to send the message that we're pursuing to the end the fight to crush the fascist threat of the Golden Dawn.
We will not allow the Nazis to demagogue posing as the "legal party" that supposedly is against the memoranda and austerity, while instead they were bolstering shipowners and big contractors at the naval ship-building and -repair Zone to undercut the trade unions and wages.
At the same time we have to close the road to racism that opened the door for attacks, pogroms and stabbings with the Samaras campaigns to “recapture the city from illegal immigrants”.
The EU borders have become wet graves for over 1000 immigrants only in the last few days. The borders should be opened for refugees of wars, asylum and shelter should be given and not be shielded by enhancement of the FRONTEX that will send even more women and children down to the sea bottom. Now it is necessary to close down the racist concentration camps-hellholes. To stop the waste of armaments and to provide for the reception of victims of the imperialist NATO and EU interventions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
We want the government to give now PAPERS, legalization for immigrants to stop having new Manolades. Children of immigrants should get citizenship without obstacles.
It is a leading racist SCANDAL that rural workers in the strawberry fields of Nea Manolada not only saw the bosses and the company thugs get acquitted, but now the Tax Office mailed an invoice of 360 euros to each worker as costs for the trial proceedings!!! While the state does not deal with the fact that the rural workers remain unpaid, it finds fit to demand more from them! They send the message that employer terrorism offers profits to the bosses and in addition - why not? - money to the tax office coffers from the blood of the workers who received gunshots. SHAME!

Antiracist Demonstration, Thursday, February 19th, Propylea, 6pm – Close down Now Amygdaleza and all concentration camps


Anti-racism Rally, Thursday, February 19, Propylea 6pm

Close down Now the Amygdaleza and all concentration camps
Asylum and shelter to refugees
Justice for Nadim Mohammed

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March 21: World Day Against Fascism and Racism

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Saturday, March 21 2015

World Day Against Fascism and Racism

Rally at Athens, Omonia Square 2pm and Concert at Syntagma Square 4pm,

Thessaloniki, Ag. Venizelou 1pm

Patra, Georgiou Square 11am

Hania, Agora Square 1pm

On March 21 we demonstrate in many countries of the world against racism and fascism: New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, Vienna and Nicosia. We demonstrate in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Chania.

With the new government of SYRIZA we continue our fight to finish with the Nazis of Golden Dawn and to break with racial discrimination. Our struggles brought the fall of the co-government of Samaras and Venizelos who opened concentration camps after the racist sweeps of ELAS (Greek Police), built the fence in Evros, kept drowning women and children in the Aegean, took back the right to citizenship and the vote of immigrants. The Police collaborated with the Golden Dawn in attacks in neighborhoods.

The rise of votes of fascist, neonazi and racist parties in the elections for the European Parliament of May 2014 in countries such as France, the UK, Greece underlines the urgent need to escalate the struggle to stop the fascist threat and put an end to the racist policies of fortress Europe. To end the concentration camps, the closure of the borders that spawned the horror of hundreds drowned refugees from Lambedusa to Pharmaconisi in the Aegean sea.

The rise in votes of fascist, neo-Nazi and racist parties in the elections for the European Parliament of May 2014 in countries such as Greece, France, the UK underlines the urgent need to escalate the struggle to stop the fascist threat and put an end to the racist policies of Fortress Europe, the concentration camps, the closure of the borders that spawned the horror of hundreds drowned refugees from Lampedusa to  Pharmakonisi in thw Aegean sea.

The political crisis, with governments imposing austerity measures spreading poverty, unemployment and despair, opens the door to neo-Nazis. Governments with  racist campaigns against migrants, refugees and Roma, islamophobia, anti-Semitism and homophobia are trying to convert them into scapegoats for their failures, fueling the rise of fascist xenophobic and racist parties.
Continuing the successful international days of action against racism and fascism on January 19th, 2013 and March 22nd , 2014, we call for a new international mobilization on March 21st, 2015. The movement that took to the streets in France after the rise of Marie Le Pen, the movement in Britain is resisting the rise of xenophobic UKIP with antifascist movements in Greece, the Spanish state and the rest of Europe have the power to send a strong message that 70 years after the end of World War II the cry NEVER AGAIN is more timely than ever.

In Greece, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn found under the overwhelming pressure of the anti-fascist movement immediately after the murder of Paul Fyssas. So we arrived in smashing the squadism of Golden Dawn and the government and justice was forced to open the prosecution of this criminal organization that enjoyed immunity for attacks and cooperation with the state apparatus, coverage of the government, funding and equipment from shipowners and other entrepreneurs. We will not let them to impose it again because as a supposedly "serious legitimate party!"

A mass antifascist movement begets hope that we can stop them! This is the movement that imposed the punishment of  neonazi  murderers of Shehzad  Louqman and now requests the trial of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn will start soon. This is the movement stood in solidarity with immigrants, the strikes and protests in the strawberry fields of N.Manolada and Skala  Lakoniaw on mass events of wrath against imprisonment is the hell of concentration camps.


Join us on 18th of September on the anniversary of murder of musician Pavlos Fyssas with mobilizations outside Greek embassies!
We call for an international anti-fascist and anti-racist meeting in Athens on October 12th , 2014 to take a new step in coordinating the activities of the movement against racism and the fascist threat.





Message from Greece for the 22 of March, global day against fascism and racism

Greetings from Athens, from KEERFA,the antifascist Movement Against Racism and Fascist Thread calling the 22 of March hand in hand with Trade Unions, Immigrant Communities, Unions of students, Local Councils, Artists, LGTBQ movement, Roma.

We stand against the rise of neonazism with the confidence that we can smash them with the unity of working people, local and immgrants! WE say never again!
In Greece we revolted against Nazi occupation and against military dictatorhip. We stand on this tradition to stop the rise of fascists.

We stand against racism and islamophobia in Europe. We say open the borders to the victims of war, dictatorship and economic disaster! NO concentraion camps. No deportation! Legalise immigrants now! Asylum for the refugees !
Immigrants cannot be the scapegoats for the failures of the governmnets that are spreading poverty, unemeployment and desperation with austerity measures.

22 of March is just the beginning of an internationall movement to stop neonazism and end racism. United we can win!

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