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World Action Day, Antifascist Rally at March 22, Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania

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World Action Day-Antifascist Rally
March 22

Athens, Οmonoia sq. 2 pm - Concert at Syntagma sq. 4 pm
Thessaloniki, Αgalma Venizelou 12.00pm
Chania, Plateia Agoras 12.30pm

The twelve dead at Pharmakonisi, four mothers with their children, is another macabre toll of blood after Lampedusa at the altar of guarding the borders of Fortress Europe by FRONTEX. The Coast Guard (Limeniko) and the inhumane persecution in the Aegean led to 167 deaths in the past 18 months.
The racism of governments and the EU murders and inflates the sails of neo-Nazis across Europe. The Golden Dawn choose the days that the government is trying to conceal the crime at Pharmakonisi to send an assault battalion for a hate parade at Amfiali desecrating the place of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. Michaloliakos and five other members of parliament with the cell leaders of the assault battalions, Roupakias and Skordelli, the murderers and thugs of Nikea and Aghios Panteleimon are already in jail. To crush them utterly we need to escalate, not to let them use the campaigning period to go in the streets and messing our neighborhoods.
Samaras and his ministers, who sow poverty and unemployment with the availability and redundancy policies, have the insolence to unload their responsibilities on the immigrants. While wasting billions on deadly border patrols and concentration camps, they saw off salaries and pensions, cut spending for hospitals, municipal services and welfare.
The anti-fascist and anti-racist movement needs to fight to save the lives of refugees and immigrants from the racist policies of governments and the murderous attacks by neo-Nazis. To demand the legalization of immigrants, asylum to refugees, citizenship for all children, to close the concentration camps - hellholes.
We must take in our own hands the task to isolate the neo-Nazis and not of the government and the police who back them up again in the neighborhoods. We march to shut down the offices - bases of operations – of the neo-Nazis, to stop the funding from the state budget and by businessmen like Pallis.
In the euro-elections in May the “black international of fascism”, with Golden Dawn as a main stem, threaten to emerge as the iron counterweight opposite the struggles of workers against Europe ‘s capital, racism and war.
Exclaim everywhere: Every vote for Golden Dawn is a knife in the hands of the Nazis! Pavlos Fyssas and Sachzat Loukman are victims of the assault battalions. Neo-Nazis are the thugs of bankers, ship-owners, industrialists who want to break the unions, the shield of solidarity and resistance to stop the memoranda of destruction. Therefore they attacked the unions at Perama, the Egyptian fishermen, at Volos Steelworks, at POE-OTA (Municipal Employee federation).
Across Europe we rouse on March 22 to send the message that we will not let those longing for Hitler to shed their racist venom against immigrants, to attack immigrants, Roma, women, gay, people with disabilities.
In Britain the unions along with the movement “United Against Fascism”, with the support of communities, the support of AKEL calling the Cypriots, steer to send a strong message from London. Glasgow, Cardiff, Barcelona, Madrid, Warsaw, Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, New York, Melbourne, the list grows constantly.
Already, the Municipal Council of Athens and unions like ADEDI (public employee confederation), POEDIN (health workers federation), the OENGE (hospital doctors federation), POSPERT (public radiotelevision employees federation), OLME (secondary school teachers federation), EINAP (Union of hospital doctors at Athens-Piraeus), the EYATh (Thessaloniki main water supply and sanitation employees), the Student Union of the Philosophy School at the University of Athens among others, call for March 22.
Of every workers union, Municipal Council, student union, school and university we ask for a decision to participate and mobilize on March 22. To create a giant anti-fascist river and flood Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania, our own resistance castles on a day that the planet will reverberate:


KEERFA - Union of Immigrant Workers

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