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Event for the families of the victims of the Pylos shipwreck in Pakistan on June 14th

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On June 14th in the city of Lalamousa, at the Royal Palace Conference Centre, G.T. Lalamousa over 300 families of the victims of the Pylos shipwreck will hold a commemoration event and demand to know the truth and punish those responsible for this crime. Why was there no rescue by the Greek Coast Guard? Why was the boat was tied with a rope towards Italy and thus capsized? Why was not even a single life jacket thrown into the sea? And now what is happening? Will those responsible be punished? Will our people who are survivors get papers? Can we travel to Greece to ask for justice and compensation?

A crime that increases the pain in our hearts as our loved ones were lost and we never saw what happened to them. It was our people who emigrated in the hope of supporting our families.
Already lawyer Mr. Nassir Aslan has been engaged to represent our families in this legal fight for justice.

We have formed a 9-member committee of the victims' families to continue the struggle for justice.
We are aware and encouraged that in Greece and other countries in the one year since the shipwreck people are holding events in memory of the victims and demanding justice. We thank them.
Committee of 300 families of victims of the Pylos shipwreck, Pakistan

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