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Massive militant demonstration of outrage for the crime of Pylos one year after the shipwreck in Athens

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 One year after the deadly shipwreck of Pylos, thousands of workers and young people joined their voices in Athens and other cities in the first anti-government mobilization after the defeat of the New Democracy party in the European elections and its reshuffle.
Survivors and relatives of the victims were massively present and were at the forefront of the demonstration with the cry JUSTICE NOW! JUSTICE NOW holding the banner of KEERFA with the 185 passports of the dead of Pylos!
The complaint that the shipwreck was not an accident but a crime of the government of the New Democracy, the Coast Guard and Frontex was heard loudly. The protesters demanded justice for the more than 600 murdered refugees in Pylos. No cover-up!
Punish the real culprits, the government and Frontex! Let the trial proceed now in the Maritime Court! Abolish the new racist "Migration and Asylum Pact" of the EU which also paves the way for the rise of the far right and fascists in Greece and Europe.
It is imperative that the trial in the Maritime Court proceed now. No cover-up by the government of the New Democracy, which after the attempt to destroy evidence  in Tempe train crash and the attribution of responsibility only to the stationmaster, applies similar tactics for the crime of Pylos.
We demand the handing over of documents now to all the survivors so that they can testify at the trial as victims.
NO to fortress Europe! Open borders, asylum and shelter for refugees!
At the rally in Propylaea, which was coordinated by the doctor of Attico Hospital, Thenia Aslanidi various spekers addressed the crowd: Dimitris Zotos from the Initiative of Lawyers for the Pylos shipwreck, Javied Aslam, Pakistani Community of Greece "UNITY", the survivors Zasin from Pakistan and Ahmed from Egypt, Efi Dousi, lawyer of the nine in the Kalamata trial, Salma Sawa, Palestinian Community of Greece and Petros Constantinou, coordinator of KEERFA.
Today's rally was supported by trade unions such as the Panhellenic Union of Research and Higher Education Workers, the Athina, Maroussi, Glyfada, Vari, Voula, Vouliagmeni Teachers' Associations, the 3rd and 5th Athens ELME, the Ano Liosia-Zefirio-Filios ELME, the Agia Olga Hospital Workers' Union.
Tito Baden opened the meeting with his songs.
"Tempi-Pylos-Dadia, Same murderers, Let's overthrow them" read the banner of SEK, while ANTARSYA, NAR and NKA, ORMA, New Left, , Popular Unity, Mera25, EEK, organizations of the anti-authoritarian space, etc. were also present at the demonstration.
"It was not a shipwreck-it was a murder, New Democracy is guilty for Pylos", "Open borders for the refugees", "Freedom for Palestine", "We are fighting for a workers' Europe and not a Fortress Europe of capitalists", "Neither in Athens nor anywhere else, smash the fascists in every neighborhood", were some of the slogans that were heard.
Today we demonstrated all over Greece, in Thessaloniki, Patras, Patras, Ioannina, Heraklion, Chania, Xanthi. In Volos, the mobilization on the one year anniversary of the Pylos shipwreck honors at the same time the anti-fascist militant Vassilis Magos who was murdered by the police.  
The movement in France that is leading the fight against Le Pen and the far right and demanding justice for the victims of Pylos was in a mobilization in Trocadero, in the heart of Paris. Police banned the march to the Greek embassy!
The event of the survivors in Pakistan in the city of Lalamousa was a shocking step of demanding justice with the participation of 300 families of the victims. They had banners in English, Greek and Urdu. And in Berlin, the survivors together with the PROAASYL organization organized a moving and symbolic event with floating coffins. In London, Amnesty and Care for Calais stood outside Greek embassy. Outside Greek embassies actions were organized in Copenhagen and Praque.  
The campaign for justice for the victims of Pylos targets the racist policy that kills and demands the punishment of the murderers of the Coast Guard and the government and open borders for refugees. We have taken the step forward and we are going to win the unions and the youth to get justice for the dead of Pylos alongside the victims of Tempe.

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