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Support the appeal of Families of victims of Pylos Shipwreck for justice

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Κεερφα-Keerfa-Κίνηση Ενωμένοι Ενάντια στο Ρατσισμό και τη Φασιστική Απειλή

More than 600 refugees lost their lives at Pylos Shipwreck on 14/6/2023 after their boat was tied by Greek coast guard ship which  forcefully pushed them to Italian waters in Mediterrenean sea. The boat of refugees with 750 refugees capsized. Greek Coast Guard and FRONTEX did nothing to save them for 15 hours despite they noticed that it was at distress.
It was the biggest racist crime in Mediterranean sea after World War II with EU watching. It was the outcome of closing the borders provoking the death of thousands to "send the message that no refugee can escape death and hope for a better life in Europe.  
The cry of Families, mothers, fathers,brothers,sisters,children for justice for the victims of Pylos is in this video.
This is a cooperation of KEERFA and Pakistani Community of PakistanCommunity Of Greece Unity to make the voice of the Families of victims to be listen. They demand justice, punishment for not saving their loved ones and visa to participate in the trial for Pylos Shipwreck.
We ask for solidarity to bring them in Greece and take part in the trial.
IBAN GR78 0110 1670 0000 1674 7083 265 SWIFT ETHNGRAA.

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