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live keerfa webEvacuate the camps!
Housing for the refugees!

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- Communication with refugees and solidaries from the camps of Corinth, Malakasa, Schisto, Moria.
- Abdul Aziz, Nauru island detainee for 7 years
- Workers from refugee facilities
- Thrasos Avraam, Journalist of “Sto Nisi”, Lesvos
- Juana Stavrianou, hotel employee, Anti-capitalist Movement of Workers in Food Provision and Tourism “Kamariera”
- Katerina Thoidou, City Counselor in Nikaia-Renti
- Nikos Hatzaras, Help at Home, Central Macedonia
- Petros Constantinou, Coordinator of KEERFA

-Ulrike Schmidt, Amnesty International UK

Weyman Bennett, Stand Up to Racism


The government that detained thousands of refugees in all its Morias and Amygdalezas, is cynically ignoring the danger of CoViD-19’s spreading through the dangerously congested camps. The solidarity movement, along with unions and municipal parties, the international movements, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders urgently demand the evacuation of the camps.

The government is voting harsher laws regarding the asylum, courting its far-right audience, but they are weak. They were forced to take back their decision to create two new, closed camps, at Malakasa (outside Athens) and Kleidi (Serres), and to freeze the asylum application processes.

There is an alternative: To transfer the refugees to hotels that are not in business, as well as houses. The Ministry of Labour has publicly owned hotels and houses that can be used immediately.

Join us on our event, that will be streamed live, via KEERFA's Facebook page!

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