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Tuesday, 05 February 2013 17:13

Protest - Rally, Thursday, Feb. 7, 2pm, outside of the City Council, Athenas str. The responsibility for the death of the street vendor Babacar Ndiaye weighs on the Municipal Authority and Dendias.

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Stop the racist sweep operations of ELAS (Hellenic Police) and the Municipal Police.

It remains an irrefutable fact that during the operation of a group of  policemen of the Municipality of Athens at Thissio on Friday 1/2 we had the death Babacar Ndiaye. It was a matter of time when these barbaric attacks against street vendors would arrive at this result.

The Municipal Council of the city on January 19 called for the rally "Athens Anti-fascist City” and this represents a step forward in the fight against racism. It is past time to behave to the immigrant vendors like what they are, i.e. a part of one united working class which resists the savage attacks of the bosses by layoffs and unemployment, the uninsured black labor, the police terrorism. Stop dealing with racist fury against the daily struggle by street vendors for a survival day-wage of a handful of euros, stop the sweep operations of Dendias and relentless chase by the Municipal Police. Why the Municipality of Athens consents to chasing until death of peddlers when night businessmen-barons rule the roost in half of Athens; when thousands of stores operate without a license?

It's time to put an end to racism and the cooperation between ELAS and the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. The murder at Petralona of Lukman by a Golden Dawn gang demonstrated where the policy of concentration camps is leading us, together with Police sweep operations. At the same time Samaras wants to take back the right to citizenship for children of immigrants. Enough! We demand legalization of immigrants and work permits, asylum for refugees. Close now the concentration camps!
The initiative that the City Council must take is to legitimize the work of vendors (natives and immigrants), institutionalizing positions and ensuring the movement of goods at low prices targeting the poorest strata of city inhabitants.

In the last municipal election campaign, the faction promoting as Mayor Mr. G.Kaminis promised the enactment of institutionalised markets, which obviously has nothing to do with the Memorandum of Cooperation between ELAS – the Prefect of Attica and Athens Municipality to clear the center of Athens from the poor devils of any kind on behalf of a few wealthy businessmen, of predatory investors Qatari type or other. Such an action is consistent with an attempt to address the collapse in people's lives caused by the crisis itself. The institutions of solidarity cannot be food distributions and rations only. That is not enough.
When two years ago, fascist bullies started violent attacks against vendors with cries against the "illegal trade", we had complained that it was another racist argument to advance to the pogroms and the murderous attacks against immigrants. The Athens City Council cannot adopt this racist agenda, but rather it must reject it definitively.
The policy of racist sweeps of Dendias brought another dead now as back in last summer. This barbaric policy unfortunately supported by the Municipal Authority of Kaminis led to attacks against vendors throughout the previous year, the invasion of Athens Economics University and the occupied self-managed spaces.
We urge the City Council of Athens to purge those responsible for the attack against vendors and overthrow the racist association with the murderous policies of Dendias.
We call for massive resistance to racist murders.


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