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Sunday, 31 July 2011 20:19


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You are visiting a country, the people of which, as you may know, are coping against vicious attacks from the ruling class in order to pay the burdens of the global economic crisis, the largest experienced since the 1930’s. As you may also know, these attacks against wages, pensions, Health and Education have instigated a huge wave of resistance from the working class and the youth in the form of 14 general strikes, huge demonstrations and hundreds of thousands of people flooding the squares of the whole of Greece the previous month, despite the vicious police suppression.

However, what you may not know is that the government and the police have found allies in Neo–Nazi mobs, who want to canalize the people’s anger for the prevailing poverty against immigrants and refugees. The racism that the Greek government cultivates, as in the whole of Europe, goes hand in hand with islamophobia. The fascists have the favor of the Greek government, which is one of the most racist in the whole of the EU. They use the cover of the police to attack against unions’ demonstrations, as was witnessed during the general strike on 28/6, but also against immigrants and local workers, just like they have been doing the whole past year in many cities in Greece. Only during the last month in Chania they have attacked 2 Pakistanis, 1 Somali vendor and carved a teacher!

We will not let Chania be converted from a hospitable city for tourists, but also for immigrants, into a sink of fascist murderers. We believe that the abominable crime of the Neo–Nazi in Norway on the 22/7 with the tens of victims must unite us, wherever we are, in a common struggle against the rise of far-right nationalists for a better world, without poverty, racism and fascists!

Norway warns – no tolerance of fascists
No legalization for the fascist mobs
Say no to islamophobia
Legalization of immigrants
Immunity for the refugees


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