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Golden Dawn Finally out of Parliament and facing Prison's wide open doors!

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mihaloliakos xeiropedesKEERFA Press Release(Movement United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat):

Golden Dawn Finally out of Parliament and facing Prison's wide open doors!

Golden Dawn is finally out of parliament, with the prison doors facing them wide open! The expulsion of Golden Dawn from Parliament, after entering it in 2012, is a hopeful message with an international dimension. We are happy because this marks the beginning of the end of Golden Dawn, the "seeds of those who were defeated in 1945", (as the leader of Golden Dawn Mihaloliakos was recorded as referring to Golden Dawn in a meeting). It is a great victory for the massive, unified, persistent, long-lasting and systematic action of thousands of militants of the anti-fascist and anti-racist movement that led the Neo-Nazi suspects to complete isolation in the neighbourhoods all over the country. The struggle for the Golden Dawn trial to start and proceed, in order to prosecute the murderers of Pavlos Fyssas and Shahzad Luqman in order to find guilty all the paramilitary machinery, the leadership, and the executives of stormtroopers that mascarade as a "the political party". The trial's completion paves the way for ending the tolerance of the presence of the Golden Dawn fascists by the state and its mechanisms. There have been antifaXAsome great stations in this movement. The battles that were given in every neighborhood against the fascists and the racist attacks, against the pogroms on immigrants and refugees, the defense of the right of refugees to attend school, the struggle against the nationalist hysteria and the rallies over Macedonia, the struggle of POSPERT (Public Broadcast Workers Union) against giving a platform to the fascists in the media, the battle not to give in the municipal councils a platform for Golden Dawn, the international anti-fascist demonstrations on March 16th and on the anniversary of the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas every year. As well as the repeated demonstrations outside the Golden Dawn trial itself. KEERFA, ten years after it was founded, celebrates the smashing of the presence of Golden Dawn in Parliament. But we have to stress that there can be no complacency because we are not done with the fascist threat. We are not finished with Golden Dawn, nor with the fascistoid Velopulos who snuck into Parliament. But we are confident that we can smash them with a mass movement that will close all their offices that are being used as forts for the staging of attacks, from their central office at Mesogeion Avenue to the few remaining in some neighbourhoods. We have to confront the racist policies that have paved their way and the concentration camps. These policies stir up rage in Europe, while in the Mediterranean, Salvini prohibits ships rescuing refugees from docking in Italian ports and imprisons captains who save them.It is time to escalate the anti-fascist organizing to crush the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn killers. July 7th, 2019

THe Coordinators of KEERFA.

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