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March 16th, international mobilization against racism and fascism. English, Arabic, Farci, French language 16 March texts

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March 16th, international mobilization against racism and fascism.
Refugees are welcome, smash the fascists, legalize migrants.
Athens, Omonia Metro, 3pm
Heraklion 12noon Liontaria
Chania 12noon Plateia Agoras
Xanthi 4pm Central Square
                                                                         Thessaloniki 12noon , Agalama Venizelou   Ioannina 12noon Periferiea
Volos 1pm Aghios Nikolaos
Patras 12noon Plateia georgiou

On March 16th, movements from 12 countries call for a global uprising to stop racism and fascists. We are outraged by the cruel crimes of the Trump and the EU governments against migrants and refugees who pave the way for the rise of fascists. That’s why will we flood the streets in Athens, Thessaloniki, New York, Berlin, London, Vienna, Paris, Barcelona,​​Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Istanbul, Nicosia.
On March 16th, we are demonstrating so that the Golden Dawn murderers will be jailed, to speed up their trial and to sentence them for life. The murder of the Albanian land worker Petrit Zilfe in Corfu confirms tragically that as long they are moving freely posing as patriots, they are a danger to everyone.
On March 16th, workers who struggle for hiring tens of thousands of new recruits, for making permanent the jobs of provisional contract staff in schools, municipalities and hospitals, for Collective Agreements everywhere, we are demonstrating so that we will not let refugees and migrants, part of the working class, be turned into scapegoats and to work without rights or to be closed in concentration camps and to be secluded in the islands. The migrants are not responsible for unemployment and poverty, but the bankers, the ship owners and the industrialists, for whose profits the governments imposed the memorandums. The imperialists are to blame - who bombed and destroyed their countries.
On March 16th, we are demonstrating in unity ,students, teachers and parents, all of whom have not allowed the Far-right and the Right to put up provocative nationalist occupations of hatred for the neighboring peoples in Albania, Macedonia and Turkey. In our schools the refugee children  are welcome and not neo-nazis, as are the struggles for public free education, not racism.
On March 16th, students who resist the dissolution of the public university by the laws and threats of Mitsotakis and Bakoyannis for the abolition of asylum, we will be on the streets with the banners of our unions and we will be demonstrating!
On March 16th, we are demonstrating along with migrant communities and refugees because for four years with the SYRIZA government we did not see any passage of legislation for the legalization of migrants - while on the contrary Amygdaleza and detention centers are full, refugees are secluded in open prisons-camps, deportations are being made by police at night in Evros, refugees are killed while persecuted by police in Egnatia highway. We are approaching elections with migrants always non-voting, their children awaiting citizenship, migrants from Pakistan not being able to get a certificate from the Hellenic Consulate in Islamabad - which thus blocks their every right! As for the first mosque, it will probably wait for even more years because the government are going in cahoots with the Church and Islamophobia is always rampant!
On March 16th, we are demonstrating for we do not forget that Zackie Kostopoulos' murder reminded us that the struggle to defend diversity and the conflict with sexism and the repression of LGBTQI, women and the disabled, is necessary to save lives and rights.
We call on trade unions, student unions, the Left and collectives in the neighborhoods, immigrant communities, the LGBTQI community, women's movements, disabled people's movements, the people of Letters and the Arts to be present with a loud voice in the global mobilization against racism and of fascism.
Time to smash the fascists, put an end to the Fortress-Europe!                                        

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