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DEMONSTRATION , Saturday 2 December, Syntagma Square 3pm


African network in Greece,
Greek Immigrant Forum, African
House, Cosmos of Culture,
KEERFA, organizations, collectives
Not again slaves in Africa!
No to the barbarity of the camps in Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos
Open the borders, free movement, no more Christmases in the campsClose down the concentration camps everywhere

Abolish the EU Shame Agreements with Libya and Turkey
Asylum for Refugees
No training to the Libyan Coast Guard's killers
We are angry at the bazaar of slaves,
which was set up in Libya,
with the African immigrants,
who are trying to get to Europe to escape death.
We are angry because little children with their mothers
are drowned again off Lesvos
while the Moria camp reminds of Guantanamo.

These are the consequences of the EU racist agreements with Turkey and Libya. It's time to get them abolished! They are the policies that have paved the way to the far right and the fascists all over Europe.
The gruesome images of the buying and selling of African immigrants in Libya, that were reported by CNN, shocked millions of viewers. From 2015, when the EU negotiated with Turkey to seal the Balkan corridor and to close the sea passage from the Aegean Sea, thousands of Africans were pushed into the most dangerous passage to Europe, from the Libyan Sea to Italy. And thousands of refugees were brought into detention centers in the Aegean islands, while free movement to the hinterland is blocked.

In 2016, more than 5000 refugees have drowned, this year till now yet another 3000. It is the heavy blood tax on the altar of the closed borders signed by the EU governments.
European governments, along with the EU, have stained their hands in the blood, long before they reached their dealings with Libya and Turkey to drive thousands into massive drownings: when their interventions and the support of dictators took apart the lives of millions for the sake of the domination by a handful of multinationals who plunder the wealth of their countries.

But the image of the 20,000 trapped in Libya in conditions of absolute barbarity, with people being sold as slaves for 400 euros, reminded the wretchedness of the early years of exporting slaves to America to work in plantations. Mass rapes, child separation from parents, torture is the real consequence of implementing the racist agreement of shame. The EU supports agreements with armed gangs representing the Libyan government.

The government, with Mouzalas as the front man, has unabashedly compromised with the racist EU-Fortress policies, concentration camps, closed borders for the poor and the persecuted, with the abolition of the right to asylum and free movement. Thus they reopened the door to the Right and to the extreme Right to provoke with racist mobilizations like the Mayor of Lesvos.

It is unacceptable for the Greek government to continue training, at the base of Souda, of the Libyan Coast Guard, responsible for mass drownings.
It is unacceptable to keep the refugees in jail and in exile on the islands when a winter is coming to mow lives as in last year.

It is time to raise up in order to end the inhumanity of governments, the policies of racism that once again brought slavery to Africa and Guantánamos to the Aegean islands.

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