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Siege of fences from Evros to Calais, January 23 to 24, Alexandroupoli. Events calendar Featured

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Siege of fences from Evros to Calais, January 23 to 24, Alexandroupolis

Events calendar

Open the borders, bring down the fence at Evros, refugees and immigrants are welcome

No more drowning in the Aegean

No to racist “Fortress Europe”

Stop the bombings


Departure from:

Athens by train from Larissa Station, Friday 22/1, gathering at 10 PM.

THESSALONIKI, OSE Station, Saturday 23/1, 8 am, departure by coach

Xanthi, LABOUR CENTER Saturday 23/1, 11am, departure by coach

Komotini, SWORD statue, 12 at noon, departure by coach,

IOANNINA, PREFECTURE SQUARE, Saturday 23/1, 4:30 a.m., departure by coach,

Patras, SQUARE OLGAS, Friday 22/1, departure by coach,

VOLOS, TOWN HALL Saturday 23/1, 2am, departure by coach for Larissa and boarding the train,

Chania, Airport Friday 22/1, 3pm,

RETHYMNO, Bus Station, Thursday 21/1, 7pm,

HERAKLION PORT Thursday 21/1, 8pm,


Arrivals Alexandroupoli expected at 1pm

Hot food from the Social Kitchen "The Other Man" at the OSE Station at 1pm


Saturday, January 23

-Rally and march, Alexandroupoli, City Hall, 3pm

Greetings: Niki Argyri, KEERFA, George Botsidis, Board member of Evros Labour Centre Pantazidis Costas, Alexandroupoli, Sakis Karageorgiou, president ELME (2ndary teachers’ union) Alexandroupoli

-Central Event

Municipal Theatre of Alexandroupolis, 6pm


Weyman Bennett, Stand Up Against Racism and United Against Fascism, UK

Emin Sakir, anti-racist platform from Turkey,

Fadime Kavak, president of Health employes of Instabul

George Tsiakalos, university teacher

Petros Constantinou, coordinator KEERFA, councilor at Athens municipal board

Representative of Coordination for Refugees and Migrants

Efi Latsoudi, Village of "All Together", Lesvos (Mytilene)

Gregory Kalomoiris, member of executive committee, ADEDY (public employees Confederation)

Nader Halbouni, Syrian Expatriates Association in Greece

Gemali Miliazim, teacher, Xanthi

Interventions-salutations: Kostas Katarachias, president of Hospital Workers Union at Ag.Savvas, Lia Damianaki, Board member at ELME Xanthi, Antonis Rellas, director, Movement for the Emancipation of persons with Disabilities “Zero Tolerance”, Constantine Polichronopoulos, Social Kitchen "The Other Man"

Coordinators: Zaneta Lysikatou, intern doctor, Kiki Yannatou, board member of OLME (2ndary teachers Federation)

Going to the sheltered area for overnight resting, hot food from Social Kitchen "The Other Man" at 10pm.

Sunday, January 24

March to the fence - Gathering at Orestiada, Central Square 12noon and march.

March towards the fence, N.Vyssa-Kastanies, 1:30 pm

Sunday, January 24

March at Kipi, Evros, 11am

Gathering at Customs. Salutations are delivered.

Crossing the border by a delegation and a joint press conference with movements from Turkey

Protesters return to Alexandroupoli at 5pm

Hot food from Social Kitchen "The Other Man" at 5pm in the area of ​​the OSE Station

Announcements from KEERFA

6pm departure from Alexandroupolis Railway Station. Back in Athens at 6am, Monday, January 25.



At the final stretch have entered the preparations of demonstrators who will flood the streets of Alexandroupolis on 23 and 24 January, demanding open borders to put an end to drowning in the Aegean of the little Ailans.

 It is an international uprising against Lepen and fascist parties in Europe and the policies of Hollande and Merkel, who lead the way! Protest in Istanbul on January 23 and meet on both sides of the border, in the Kipi of Evros, on 24/1. Marching on January 23 in Calais, France, to the "jungle" of shame! Fascists are threatening to block this mobilization.

At Evros the voices of protest will be heard loudly by workers and youth for the deadly obstacle of the fence in Evros, which closes the passage of the persecuted by war and famine, refugees and immigrants.

 It is a scandal in Greece that the international solidarity movement is prosecuted with firefighters from Spain and other solidary people. We do not tolerate the chase by the police and FRONTEX, against  solidary people, who save lives at Lesvos and the other islands.

We do not tolerate a racist “Fortress Europe”, with FRONTEX, concentration camps, deportations, fences, blockades and Islamophobia. These open the way to fascists.

 We do not tolerate, the caring grandmothers in Lesvos to take refugees’ babies in their hugs while the SYRIZA-ANEL government is cutting their pensions. Behind proposals for "Nobel Peace Prize" to the islanders the brutality of drowning in the Aegean cannot be hidden.

We demand from the government to cut the fences, the racist policing, the armaments and give money for social insurance, education and health. To prepare hospitality areas for refugees.

Legalize the immigrants to save the Social Security Funds, put an end to conditions of work of the type of Nea Manolada!

Make Evros a river of solidarity among peoples. They do not need fences of racist hate but flood defenses to prevent the sinking in mud of villages in the area.

 We salute trade unions, student associations, solidarity movements, immigrant communities and artists who supported the campaign of KEERFA. All together we will continue directly with the organization of the international day of action against racism and fascism, on March 19, the day that the EU summit will proceed to measures for converting FRONTEX into an autonomous intervention force at the borders.

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