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January 23 and 24: Everyone at Evros river, the fence must come down! Featured

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January 23-24 2016


Joint International day of Actions.

We are getting ready to flood the streets of Alexandroupolis on January 23 and 24, to put an end to drowning of the children refugees in the icy waters of the Aegean Sea.

On the same day in Lampedusa and Calais the refugee and migrant solidarity movements are raising their voices and joining actions against the barriers of Frontex and against the closed borders!

We are glad because we are coordinating with the movement in Turkey.  Turkish and Kurdish militants demonstrate on January 23 in Istanbul. 

On the 24th we have a militant rendezvous TOGETHER at the borders on both sides at the Kipi of Evros river.

We come together to demand that the hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants who fall in the hands of traffickers and loaded onto rotten boats, have the right to come to Greece through open borders so as not to risk their life.  They have the right to life!  


We demonstrate because we do not tolerate the EU, NATO and Russia spreading death with the bombings in Syria, and the governments identifying the migrants with the terrorism of ISIS, the reactionary organization that benefited from the imperialist policy in the middle east and has attacked viciously the revolution of the Syrian people against Assad.  ISIS will be defeated only by a resurgence of the movements of resistance.  

It is a shame that Alexis Tsipras shakes the hand of Netanyahu, butcher of the Palestinian people and invites to Athens Sisi, the butcher of the Egyptian revolution in order to implicate Greece further in the competing imperialist adventures in the middle east. 

We are up in arms because the government instead of supporting the antiracist movement and the solidarity movement with the mothers and fathers who battled the seas with their children in their arms to keep them from drowning, the government instead  supports Frontex and Fortress Europe.

The government chose to support a new Frontex, a European army to be mobilized to hunt for migrants and refugees.

The government chose to support an EU of fencess, concentration camps and mass deportations of the poor the hungry and hunted.  

To the new racist campaign of the EU and the SYRIZA / ANEL government we say: NOT IN OUR NAME!   

We fought to rid ourselves of the memoranda and the Samaras and Venizelos types, and to make the racist police sweeps, tortures and the concentration camps a thing of the past.  These are the policies that opened the way for the murderers of Golden Dawn, the racist pogroms and the stabbings of migrants.  We demand that the trial of the nazi gang proceed and the conviction of the murderers of Pavlos Fyssas and Shehzad Luqman.

There is room for all of us in this land and in Europe.  Just like there was room for our grandparents who came here from Asia minor, who also faced the racism of the governments of the right then.  They were referred to as "seeds of Turks" and they were jailed for the first time on the Island Makronisos!  

If the government ceases the debt payments, there will be enough money to welcome humanely and in decent conditions of hospitality and to create jobs for all! 

We salute the dozens of Labor Unions, the Student Associations, the Municipal Councils, the solidarity movements, the people in the Arts and Academia, and all those who are preparing to give a dynamic presence. 

We demand the fence be brought down, to open the borders, asylum and shelter for the refugees, legalization of the migrants, the closing of the concentration camps and the end of all deportations.

Everyone, reserve a seat now on the trains and buses for the large Panhellenic mobilization on the 23rd and 24th of January at Evros!

Departures from:

ATHENS, TRAIN STATION LARISIS. Friday 1/22 , 11PM €25, 210 3232871, 6932828964

THESSALONIKI, TRAIN STATION OSE, Saturday 1/23, 8AM €15, 6936127797, 6974770802

XANTHI, ERGATIKO KENTRO, Saturday 1/23, 11AM, €10

IOANNINA, PLATIA NOMARHIAS, Saturday, 1/23, 4:30AM, €15, 6981065550

PATRA, PLATIA OLGAS, Friday 1/22, €20, 6970988678

VOLOS, DIMARHIO, Saturday, 1/23, 2AM, €20, 6974820870

CHANIA, PORT, Thursday 1/21, 8PM, €30, 6948946578

RETHYMNON, STATION KTEL, Thursday 1/21, 7PM ,€30, 6979240756, 6937799627

HERAKLION, PORT, Thursday, 8PM, €30, 6977783666


Schedule of events:


-Demonstration at Dimarxeio (Town Hall), 3PM

-Public meeting with participation of international delegations, Dimotiko Theater Alexandroupolis, 6PM


-March to the Fence and Koipous of Evros, 12PM

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